Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Etsy Video


  1. That was a really great video! Congratulations :)

  2. I just watched the video on Etsy and immediately sent the link to some friends with whom I exchange ATCs monthly. Our theme in February is "missed opportunities." What lovely inspiration, and a delightful video. I love your artwork and the way you talk about your art. Cheers!

  3. I have loved your drawings and I was delighted to see your video, I often wonder about the ppl on subways, on buses,on the sidewalks...I wonder about their lives and what have brought them there...

  4. wow- simply love the art and the story- I miss living in NY- park Slope, Brooklyn to be exact- the burbs just isn't the same... you brought me right back!!

  5. I really enjoyed watching this movie and to know more about you! You are one of the most talented people on earth!

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    1. I loved his work, the delicacy of his line and his creativity. Congratulations!

  7. this is wonderful! I always loved the guy in the bear suit too! and looking at you while you draw is inspiring!! thanks!

  8. dear sophie,
    i was on the subway the other day heading back from the upper west side to roosevelt island where i live. i was utterly and entirely captivated by your work titled "missed connections." it is beautiful, and captures so very well the spirit of the city and its residents. i'm a fan.



  9. Dear Sophie,

    I'm from Hong Kong...I forgot how I stumbled onto your site. All I know is that I'm in love with your characters, and I'm glad that I will be in New York later this year...I'm looking forward to looking for your book... in a bookstore.
    I've always believed it takes lots of guts to be an artist : ) Good luck!


  10. You are so talented! You made the statement about painting animals but you almost always want to put clothes on them! Why not go ahead? They are cute with clothes!LOL

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  12. Just found your work and I love it! Will be ordering the book and prints. I hope this is ok: http://www.theiloveyoublog.com/2012/02/missed-connections.html

  13. My daughters are enjoying the Ivy and Bean books right now, so when I saw your poster on the subway I recognized your style right away. Of course I wished there was a little nod to Ivy or Bean in there somewhere... (maybe there is?) Congratulations and continued success!

  14. Lovely lovely video!
    Your work is so wonderful.

  15. My friend sent me your book for my birthday since I had a MC happen to me (and because I love Brookline Booksmith, where she bought the book, and miss it dearly living in Chicago now!).

    This was in the Chicago Reader, fell off my chair when I realized it was for me --
    "HOB, The Virginia Coalition Show. You: tall, exotic woman with great sense of humor, in a long leopard print coat that night. I was the drunk white law student. Should have gone with you and your friends to dance club after show. Let's hook up soon. Get in touch."
    (HOB is House of Blues)

    While I LOVE your illustrations, I found myself most intrigued by your introduction. Resonated with me on so may levels, but especially the "If you like doing something, find a way to call it work."

    I've been self-employed for seven years, making a living doing ridiculous things (i.e. as a way to challenge themselves and meet new people, 40 bad-dancers/bad-improvisers, who ssign up alone, work with a dance/improv teacher over three months and then perform at in front of 700 at one of Chicago's most revered theaters).

    The do what you love-lifestyle is an absolute blessing! Thanks for putting it so eloquently.

  16. OOhh, I couldn't help but fall in love with these drawings! I haven't read the book yet, but I am looking forward to grabbing a copy real soon!

  17. Congrats on getting Blog of Note!

  18. Replies
    1. hi sophie,

      i've been following your blog off and on for a while now but haven't read it in a few months. anyway, i was on the subway the other day and my boyfriend and i recognized your artwork. the illustration is gorgeous!! i am so happy to see that you are sharing your gift with the very same people you are inspired by.

  19. Hey I love the art work in your video's I wish I could still draw well I'm out of practise.

    Well if anyone is interested here's a blog about stand up comic's and my experience in doing stand up :)


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  21. This is so beautiful. I want to see if I can find your book for my Kindle. Thanks for showing that.

  22. Your blog is very nice ;)

  23. Sophie,
    Your art is so amazing. I just love it!
    I really have to look for the poster shown in the video.
    And I like the F-train...
    I lived in Jamaica, Queens during an internship.
    Regards and all the best from Germany

  24. such lovely drawing..great to see beautiful coloures..:)

  25. You are a super talented lady! Connie

  26. beautifull!

    very nice!

    my blog of illustrations http://daniel20santana.blogspot.com/

  27. Ms. Blackall,

    I've been following this blog for awhile now but really only been compelled to write you after seeing this video. Your work is truly inspiring!

    Thanks for the art,
    A fan

  28. I like subway art.I think you have represented the city best.

  29. Congrats on your art. I think people with creative talents are pretty awesome.

  30. I really will have to buy your book. I love your kind of art!


  31. I saw your artwork on TV in Japan. Beautiful line, gentle color and familiar look on people's face .. each of them do have a story which captures us in a moment. It's so sweet!

  32. I saw your poster on the train today, and had to look it up. Wonderful work.

  33. On my way home from work this evening I rode the subway to Brooklyn, as I have been doing most every evening for the past six months. I have eyed this work curiously on many winter morning, rejoicing at the colorful personalities scattered along the subway bench.
    Only this spring though, this day, and on this evening did a little boy suddenly sprout a canine tail, after seemingly dropping a ball, returned to him by the yoyo movement of the new york subway.
    Then there was the poor tired woman who forgot a fish in her handbag, and dropped another on the subway floor - or not; and the frenchman's budding interest in whales contrasted with another traveler's clear passion for them.
    Well done - I spent at least thirty five minutes completed fixated on the work and didn't want to leave the subway car - lost in deep revelry.

  34. Sophie, I saw your subway poster on an M-train in New York City, and I'm writing this from Kolkata, India. My memory of the piece and its beauty has crossed the Atlantic with me, and I want to congratulate you for how breathtakingly you have captured the diversity that makes NYC such a wonderful, alive city. I hope to follow your work closely, and wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

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