Monday, February 11, 2013

Grand Central, part 2

 There's a Missed Connections Valentine's Day Party at Grand Central this year! Details above. I'm going to be there to talk a bit about the subway poster (and sign posters too) and Alan Feuer will read his very funny Missed Connections poems, and there will be refreshments suited to the occasion. And then hopefully we'll all gather our books and head out to the main concourse at 8pm for a great big spontaneous missed connection en masse. Or an en masse unmissed connection. Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Grand Central, You and Me

I haven't illustrated a Missed Connection in a while, but I couldn't resist the following:

Grand Central, You and Me
Friday evening I was racing through the Main Concourse and you were there standing still, staring up at the stars. You had a book in your hand. You were lovely. Time stood still for a second while I fell in love, then I had to catch my train. Then I thought, Damn. Then I thought of a Plan. So here’s my ridiculously romantic plan: Meet me under the stars on Valentine’s Day. 8pm. Bring your book.

So, here’s my ridiculously romantic plan: Let’s all crash this Missed Connection. Let’s all meet under the stars on Valentine’s Day at 8pm.
Bring a book so we know it’s you.

(I'm quite serious about this. Grand Central on February 14th. Save the date! I'll be posting more details soon.)