Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sweet Robotic Moves in Boston

From the Boston Globe:

This past week, readers submitted their own missed connection ads to Love Letters columnist Meredith Goldstein. Goldstein passed them to Blackall, who chose her favorite as inspiration for a special illustration.

The winner
you hooked me in with your sweet robot moves and cat shirt. none of that grinding stuff, just natural robotic talent. you said ‘‘hey, you’re cute.’’ and i said, ‘‘you, too’’ and then i elbowed you in the ribs because i’m not very smooth when it comes to romance. i thought this exchange meant we agreed on a sloppy bar makeout? whenever i busted out the robot arms, your robotic arms chopped mine in half. kept looking at your cat shirt thinking, ‘‘yesssss, i can see us marrying and having lots of cats.’’ went to dance on stage with friends and then lost you?!?myfriend said you got shy, which makes you and your cat shirt even more cute!!! spent a ridiculous amount of time searching for your pussy shirt, but alas, i lost both you and my heart on the dance floor. find me cat shirt guy, find me. p.s. i also put up ‘‘LOST: cat shirt guy’’ signs for you.
ana s., brookline


  1. Amazing. I found a youtube video in which you told what paints you use, but I cannot find the brand online. Could you please tell me how I can find them? Thanks! I love your work.

  2. Brilliant as usual! This may be my first time commenting but I have been following your blog for ages :) love the look on BOTH of the cats faces ;) super cute hairstyles, too. Kudos! Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Sophie!

  3. Meriweather, I use Schminke watercolors. You can buy them online, but be warned, they're expensive! They last forever though.
    Happy New Year everyone!

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  5. What tiny little people. They can fit in my hand. Not as in convulse.

  6. I like your quirky sense of humor that is expressed in your art—brillant. From one goof to another! ;)

  7. *grin* There IS someone for everyone!

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