Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hairy Bearded Swimmer

click on image for larger view
Saturday, September 5, 2009
- m4m - 29 (astoria)
we were both swimming around 5-6 in astoria pool. we ended up walking the same direction in the park for a while but didn't talk. i wish i had said i figured i would on here.
worth a shot.


  1. i love your art! and i love your blog.

  2. beaultiful work!!!!

    xx, V.

  3. Hi Sophie! I've found you in Apartment Therapy and I sincerely think your missed connections are AMAZING! I probably dedicate you a post on our little blog this week.
    I'll keep coming to see your artwork.

    Have a nice weekend!


  4. less emphasis on the "bearded",

    ... more on the "hairy".

    (and I think he's a floater)

  5. I LOVE how you've drawn the water! so beautiful!

  6. Wow! Another incredible illustration to such an entertainingly titled missed connection.

  7. Sophie!
    You are an inspiration!!
    Thanks so much for sharing these illustrations and picking out such fleeting messages to pin on your blog for all of us to view.

  8. I came across this blog by a suggestion of a friend. Great stuff, and I will definitely be checking back. Awesome! I'm going to link to this blog in an upcoming entry of mine.


  9. Scary Tatooed Swimmer
    "we were both swimming around 10am in heiwajima pool on many occasions. i'm glad i did not say hi, as i learned later that those tatoos = dangerous gangster"
    Posted by perke at 1:03 am

  10. Followed the link from the NYT. Your blog made me smile.

  11. how lovely, all of your art is serene. well done, well done!

  12. I just discovered your blog and wanted to tell you I think it's beautiful! The idea, the art. Thanks for sharing this idea with the world!

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