Friday, January 22, 2010

Throat Tattoo

Friday, January 22, 2010
L Train
Hey, guy that got on at 1st Ave dressed all in black with the throat tattoo. Thanx for existing.


  1. for real?
    GREAT drawing.
    Happy Friday.

  2. Who wouldn't want another person to write to them: Thanx For Existing?!

    Made my heart skip a beat.


  3. i look forward to these so much!
    and this is so wonderful!!
    thank YOU for doing these!

  4. Which section? m4m or w4m?

  5. How wild is that? I love that someone wrote that!!

  6. I think this is my favorite thus far.

  7. Really digging your work here, hope you don't mind, I put a few pictures up on my blog.

  8. Ok, the part I love the most was that your depicition of the throat tatoo was a "little house on the prarie" old-timey home. SO CREATIVE! Of course it was! Why not? It was definitely not some stupid Japanese symbol or a skull and cross bones, or a rose. It was DEFINITELY a house. Yes. I choose to believe that.

  9. Sophie!

    This one scared me a bit for some reason.

    I think it's the throat tattoo!

    I love the gray on black background as well!


  10. I'd have loved to see him too - he must have been a cool dude:)

  11. This is an excellent sentiment, and what a wonderful painting :) Thanks, as usual, for making my day better. . .

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  13. Just followed a tweet-link here, and watched a clip about your work. Really appreciate the content and authentic stories of your illustrations. Felt with deep heart.

  14. This was a particularly pragmatic and concisely-written Missed Connection.

    I have to tell you that I bought an Ivy + Bean for my daughter even though she's much too young for it. She doesn't have the patience to hear it read, but she pores over the illustrations. Yesterday, she was showing me the two girls on the cover, and making some sort of elaborate sign...we adopted her from China with a cleft palate, and she still hasn't learned to talk quite, but she has her own sort of sign language which is quite eloquent. I finally understood that she was trying to tell me that she wanted these two girls form the cover of the book to come and knock on our door so that she could play with them. She has successfully imagined them into being real and potential friends.

  15. I just discovered you through Etsy and it seems my friend Maia above (an artist in her own right)has nothing to but great things to say about your work.

  16. just found your blog and I am inspired..

  17. Tattoo looks a lot like Carson Ellis' work.

  18. such a delicate line you have! totaaly love your drawings

  19. Actually one of my favorites...
    The tattoo on the throat makes me think about a gorgeous man...

  20. I think this is a good example of nice tattoo art.

  21. i thank this blog for existing! one of the more original, clever blogs i've read in a long time. not to mention how i just love your paintings. Great job!

  22. Every day hundreds of strangers reach out to other strangers on the strength of a glance, a smile or a blue hat. Their messages have the lifespan of a butterfly.

  23. I love the blog. I bet a throat tattoo hurts like crazy

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  27. oh! sophie, your illustrations are just beautiful. i heard the story on NPR yesterday. congratulations to you. the throat tattoo is dreamy...i am happy to have found it today! best best. kreh mellick

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  34. Hi Sophie, is this for real? I dont think its kinda cute though

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  38. Hello Sophie. Wow. Cool tattoos. It is very fashionable too. Thanks for posting this.

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    Hi Author. Isn't this too painful? I hope they wouldn't choke while putting on this tattoo.

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    Hello Sophie. This is a peculiar way of putting a tattoo on. But it looks cool.

  48. Hi Sophie. Ouch. I bet that hurts and you won't be able to eat normally after putting that tattoo on. But this is fashion. Everything goes.

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    Hi there. Among the different body parts, why put tattoo in the throat? Ouch! That sure hurts.

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  56. ok - the part that i love the most was that your depicition of the throat tatoo was a "little house on the prarie" old-timey home. so creative !!! of course it was !!! why not ? it was definitely not some stupid japanese or asian symbol or a skull and cross bones or a rose. it was a house. i choose to believe that.

  57. hello sophie. i bet that hurts and you will not be able to eat normally after putting that tattoo on. but this is fashion. everything goes :-)

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